Stressed Wives May Make Husband’s Blood Pressure Rise, Making Him Impotent

When older men have stressed-out wives, their own blood pressure shall go up noticeably; a U.S. study proves this situation. While many of the researches have linked stress and bad relationships to elevated blood pressure, less is known about how such challenges are affecting both members of a couple, and how spouses affect one another, over time with their personal nature issues.

For current study, researchers evaluated about 1,350 couples once in 2006 and again in 2010 for looking down to see how each person’s blood pressure might change based on shifts in their relationship satisfaction or based on their own individual stress levels.

It was later found that husbands had higher blood pressure when wives reported greater stress and that this link was even greater when husbands felt more negative about the own love life or relationship. In addition, some negative marital quality which was experienced by only one member of couple was not associated with condition of high blood pressure, but when both members of couple reported higher negative marital quality they both had higher blood pressure.

Stressed Wives May Make Husband's Blood Pressure Rise, Making Him Impotent

How Rise in Blood Pressure Leads to Erectile Dysfunction?

High blood pressure keeps arteries, which carry blood into penile from dilating the way they are actually supposed to. It also makes smooth muscle in the penile to lose its ability to relax. As a result, not enough blood flows into penile for making an erection.

Men that are found with high blood pressure shall also have a low testosterone level. Testosterone is male hormone, which is known for playing a big role in sexual arousal. High blood pressure like condition by itself can lead to Erectile Dysfunction in men. But some medicine for treating high blood pressure can actually be the cause as well.

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